Are You A Beginner Of Camping? Don’t Forget About These Top 6 Essentials


Is this your first time camping? Are you aware of the must-haves of camping? To make your trip easy, enjoyable and safe, you need to arrange for camping essentials before stepping out of your home.

Buying camping essentials

Barge into any camping shop and you may get flabbergasted going through the innumerable number of supplies and equipment the store would have been equipped with. No doubt if you are camping for the very first time, getting carried away would be easy. You sure could make your very own list; nonetheless, everyone needs to start from somewhere. Hence go slowly and ensure that you make your selection of Camping supplies wisely. However we have tried to sum it up and make a list so that you can carry the most essential camping items with you.

Waterproof, quality tent

This is one place where you simply cannot go wrong. Getting wet and sleeping on a damp ground at night would not be fun at all. Make sure how many campers would you sleep with. If there are about three of you, then make sure that you do pick up a good quality, waterproof tent. If you manage to get a tent on which you could stand up, then it would be great as you could easily change or move around in it. In case the weather is poor, you will not feel crammed inside it; hence ensure that it’s airy too.


In the middle of the wood, wondering in the dark is not a pleasant idea at all! This is why understand the kind of lighting arrangement you should get going with which should be good enough to light up the campsite.

A necessary point here is to not rely on campfires completely. No doubt they are lovely, but what would help you when you are off to the toilet and you have no lights around you. This is why selecting an electric, LED light or battery operated lights. The best part being, you can get one as per your budget and the variety is endless.


You would need this for digging up holes, to fix embers or fire logs, crushing bugs or giant spiders, cleaning up the campsite and for a flotilla of things. You may need it as well to dig up a temporary toilet facility and this will indeed be quite useful. Make sure that you get one that has a sturdy and strong handle. A good quality one is but a must for camping purpose.

First Aid Kit

Do check carefully and ensure that you are stocked with all the necessary things here. Do make sure to carry an insect repellent and as many band aids as you can carry especially when you have kids around. If you could manage a few pressure immobilisation bandages, it would turn out being quite handy for everyone.

Portable Freezer or a Fridge

You need to ensure that the food that requires to be kept cold is kept cold; else you all would end up getting sick at the campsite. This is why buying a portable freezer, esky or a cooler would be a great option here. You will also realize sooner that party ice does not last for more than 24 hours. You have to make sure that the milk, juices, meat and other edible stuff are kept safe and fresh.

A Good Cooking Device

Whatever way you wish to cook, make sure that it’s reliable. Carry a stove, or any other cooking device you feel comfortable cooking in and one that would be perfect for camping situations. You could also opt for a burner camp stove.

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