Dressing For the Great Outdoors

Being warm and dry is an important part of enjoying the great outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you dress for outdoor adventure.

Dress for the weather. Nothing can ruin an outdoor trip more than being tou hot or being wet and cold. Not dressing for the weather can actually be deadly, if you were to get cold enough to get hypothermia. The solution is usually to wear many layers in your clothing. As the temperature gets colder you add thin layers of clothing, instead of one big bulky coat. As it gets cooler, you can shed layers to accommodate for the temperature change. You can start with a wicking base layer or t-shirt, then add a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweatshirt, then a light zippered jacket and then an overcoat if necessary. It helps if you carry a small daypack to carry the layers, along with other things you might need like food and a first aid kit. A space blanket or a tarp is a good addition to your bag, should you be caught out after dark and need shelter.

Buy quality outdoor clothing, like that you would get at Nordstrom. Buying off-brand, or knock-off brands can leave you with equipment or clothing failures. This can be something that cuts your trip short. Be sure that your gear won’t fail you.

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Don’t overpack. It is ok to wear the same item on a trip multiple times. A pair of jeans can be comfortably worn for days and won’t show much dirt and grim. Match your colors in your packing so that items can be mixed and matched to form many outfits.

Use dry-bags to keep items dry, especially if you are traveling to a wet environment, like for rafting or in a jungle. Keep more than one bag with you so that you can separate clean and dirty clothes. This will keep the clean clothes clean and dry and smelling nice

Protect from mosquitoes. You can use sprays that contain DEET, a chemical that mosquitoes hate. If you are sensitive to that smell, you can also get natural-based sprays that contain Eucalyptus or Citronella. Protective clothing that covers your arms and legs is also a good defense from the offending insects.

Wherever you go, plan ahead and pack accordingly. A bit of extra planning is well worth the added comfort in the great outdoors.

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