Les Petits Dejeuners du Restaurant Sinclair de Montreal

Le St Sulpice Hotel, in Old Montreal, is home to an imaginative culinary adventure known as Sinclair Restaurant.  This dining establishment uniquely embodies a

European culinary heritage of only the most modern flavors.  They offer fusion cusion with a prix menu for any and all of your dining needs.

Let’s take a look at their breakfast offerings.


A typical petits dejeuners (breakfast service) at Restaurant Sinclair might include these plates served with juice, coffee, or tea:

  • The Continental—A Danish & muffin basket with sliced fruits, Quebecois cheese, yogurt and cereal
  • Le Canadien—two eggs made to order with bacon, ham, and smoked sausage served with roasted potatoes and toast
  • Le Sante—a platter of fresh sliced fruit, cottage cheese, and a poached eggImage result for Little Dejeuners Sinclair Montreal Restaurant


Les specialites petit dejeuner menu includes:

  • Eggs benedict with smoked ham on an English muffin served with roasted potatoes and a Mornay sauce
  • An omelet served any style along with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, and toasted baguette
  • Smoked salmon & bagel chips served Napolean style with sour cream, dill, and Spanish capers
  • Toscan style tartine with two eggs prepared Sunny side up, a tomato jam, prosciutto chips, and shredded basil leaves
  • A brioche French bread served with a maple Chantilly cream & crème Anglaise
  • the house recipe Crepes Sinclair made with fresh sliced bananas and hot, melted Nutella style chocolate
  • A daily selected fresh fruit cup served with plain yogurt, granola, and local organic honey


No matter how extensive a menu is or how well a chef combines flavors and textures to perfection, sometimes you want a little something extra too.  Perhaps your particular plate does not come with bread and you would like that; or maybe you want a little more fruit.  Sinclair Restaurant, then, also offers these extras:

  • Pain baguette grille, beurre, & confiture—A French baguette with butter and jam
  • Le Salade de fruits de saison—a simple but delectable seasonal fruit salad
  • Cereales aux choix—choose from a selection of cereals
  • Bol de gruau au lait chaud—a cup of oatmeal served with hot milk
  • Montreal bagel grille, fromage a la creme—A toasted Montreal bagel with cream cheese
  • Yogurt nature ou fromage cottage en verrine—A trifle of plain yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Panir de viennoiseries variees—a basket of five European danish delights

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