The 5 Best Biking Locations In Colorado

Colorada is well known for its downhill and cross-country skiing; however, it is also one of the best states to visit for those who want to mountain bike and road climb. Below is a comprehensive list of the best trails to bike down and the best roads to climb.

Colorado Trail

This trail is suitable for any kind of mountain biker: from the beginners to the most advanced, there is always something to enjoy on this route. For families, there is a six-mile long gravel road that is easy enough and fascinating enough for younger bikers to try. There is an official guidebook which contains any trails and detours that a cycler must take. Be sure the wear a quality biking helmet, the trails can get slippery at times.

Monarch Crest Trail

Those who ride this trail have the spectacular view of the following six mountain ranges: Pikes Peak, Mosquito Range, Sangre de Cristos, San Juan Mountains, Uncompahgre Plateau, the Elk Mountains, and Sawatch Range. These mountain ranges provide a view that in absolutely one of a kind and a unique experience for those who choose to explore this trail.

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Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek is full of single-track trails for mountain bikers and provides a large variety of these trails. There are some areas that can be biked through which display scenery from past forest fires. Other than these areas, there are also views of rock formations and mountains. The trails have a variety of formations; there are roller coasters and downhill tracks that provide an excellent trip and experience. The trails here are advanced and use of a MTB helmet is required.

Mount Evans Road

This trail spans for seventy-seven kilometres, or forty-eight miles, and is one of America’s highest points, which makes it an incredibly challenging ride for road bicyclers. With this trail, there are a variety of ecosystems available to experience and adore. At the very top of Mount Evans Road is a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains. On the way down, however, is a very steep descent downhill which means bicyclers must be attentive. There aren’t any services along the way, which means one should bring kits full of first aid equipment and water in preparation for exhaustion and for wiping out.

Trail Ridge Road

This trail is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park and is a total distance of twenty eight kilometres. It takes six hours to complete; therefore, it is easily completely within a single day. The route features views of forest areas and one can even see a few creatures on the way; there are, for example, elk and deer which roam freely around the trail. The Alpine Visitor Center serves as a halfway marker for cyclers to stock up on snacks and equipment.

Colorado is a mountain area full of trails that are suitable for mountain bikers and road cyclers alike. Whichever sport one is practising, Colorado should be at the top of the list for anyone looking for a good vacation spot. It is filled with landscapes and ecosystems which are completely breathtaking. For the best places to visit, reference the above list.

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