The Ronnie Belle

They known as him Capt. Ron, a crusty old salt. He offered within the Merchant marine after appearing out of the Maritime Academy, type of ’63. For more than 3 decades Capt. Ron has witnessed practically every port there’s. Now, within the twilight of his years he still yearns for just one last great voyage. A voyage of self discovery because he known as it. To him it belongs to who he’s. The calling from the ocean has always beckoned him back.


It had been just 2 yrs ago the Captain observed a 70ft. Passage Maker being sold off. A twin diesel having a water maker. To enhance her generator she’d solar and wind electrical backup to recharge her batteries. Everything was needed would be a fresh coat of marine paint over her steel shell. At 70 years old Ron felt it had been concerning the proper time to hoist anchor and hang sail in to the sunset. It absolutely was ten years of dry pier since his last stint aboard the cargo vessel, The Alverez. That point he traveled the world from Hong Kong to Las Angeles. Ron at that time was initially Officer responsible for communications. The Alverez would be a massive ship that may transport over 600 cargo containers, all full of consumer goods appearing out of China.

Capt. Ron for many of his existence was the perfect traveling man. He earned a hell of allot of stops around the globe. He always prefer to believe that he’d a style song similar to Bob Hope together with his “Just Recollections” however for him “Traveling Man” that old Ough Nelson hit was more apropos. Soon your day found take possession of this Passage Maker. He still reminisces concerning the occasions that in each and every port there is always an attractive girl. For Ron married immediately after appearing out of the academy but after his second voyage his wife could never understand his wanderlust. These were soon divorced and Ron returned to ocean.


Now sitting on when of his recently christened Ronnie Belle Captain Ron together with Scott Jenson another upon the market merchant marine understood that with that evening they’d be venturing out to ocean. For Captain Ron he felt finally he was where he always belonged, in the helm of their own ship, The Ronnie Belle. As Capt. Ron was walking in to the pilot house he thought to that certain summer time of ’64. It had been June to become exact. The oil tanker he was on just made port in Singapore. Lucrative knows that for those individuals lovely women in each and every port whose damaged hearts never did recover Captain Ron only has the fondest recollections of every lovely girl. The lady in Hong Kong still waits for his return. Even today at 70 Capt. Ron can continue to set the charm.

It had been earlier this This summer on a single summer time eve in which the sun was setting within the western sky of Tampa Bay Capt. Ron cast from the stern line first adopted by Scott jettisoning the bow line. Because the bow thrusters hummed they placed the Ronnie Belle’s heading from the harbor. Soon Scott became a member of the Captain in the helm. A basic understanding was always shared for both of them understood these were starting the finest adventure of the lives.

Because the harbor lights faded away the ocean beckoned. For Captain Ron the conventional Gps navigation system installed never did provide another thought. To plot the program Ron used the attempted and true sextant where navigation really started. It was the instrument which was handed lower from another generation where Ron’s own father first trained him using it and also the stars to plot a training course. Captain Ron had enough experience to respect the ocean to depend not just on everything electronic navigation gadgetry. He understood the unpredicted dangers the ocean may bring. Because the Ronnie Belle was beyond the last slow wake buoy marker Ron appreciated a particular voyage appearing out of Cartagena on a single late August eve in which a sudden squall sent a rouge wave moving. An enormous wall water some 80 ft high. Whether it wasn’t for Captain James steering the cargo ship in the precise position to chop using that wave all could have been lost at ocean. It’s that type of experience that may only come through hard knocks and real existence encounters that now Capt. Ron offers.

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