The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Vacation

Vacations are for relaxing and taking a break from stress. However, most of the time, the reality is that vacations can be more stressful than you would like. All the packing, airport hassles, and so on, can take a toll on you. Making the most of your vacation depends on how you handle organization from the get go, up until you return home.

Handling Your Travelling Preparations

  • Check that Your Documents Are Intact:It is important to ensure that your documents are intact and that your passport is up to date. This may appear simple, but should actually be the first thing you do- especially if you are travelling to a country that has visa requirements.

For example, if you already have the visa that you need, you should be looking out for regulations that are peculiar to the country that you are visiting- in relation to the time from date of entry or date of first usage. Also, if you plan on holidaying in the US as a VWP country citizen, you need to be sure that you apply for anESTA.

  • Plan:When you are sure that your documents are intact,you need to find out what the best deals are on hotel reservations and tickets. There are a number of apps that could be of immense benefitto helping you find travellers’ preferences when it comes to getting the best prices.


Planning also includes the seemingly little things like knowing your luggage allowance. You do not want to spoil the holiday mood by over-packing and being stuck at the airport for a situation that could have been easily avoided.

You also need to ensure that you stop all home deliveries, keep your home secure by asking family or a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home for you, and,arrange for someone to take care of your pet- if you have one.

Getting Ready for Your Trip

It is advisable to put together a checklist days before your trip- so that you do not forget anything.

  • Pack Right: It helps to begin packing early. It works to your advantage if you can pack as light as possible, and your stress is eased to a large extent, if you pack into a small suitcase.

The secret is to pack like a flight attendant- put in the heaviest clothes first, and roll clothes instead of folding them to maximize space. It also helps to have travel sized versions of your essentials such as body lotion, shampoo and so on.

  • When Leaving: Remember to check that your windows and doors are properly locked before you leave. It is also very important to unplug all electrical appliances before stepping out. Further, ensure that the dishes are washed, coffee pot is empty and that the fridge is cleared of any perishables

Finally, keep essentials such as your passport and travel documents at hand, and be sure to keep track of the number of bags or items that you are carrying along. Cross check your list one last time to be sure that you are good to go.

Your Vacation

When you have finally arrived at your vacation destination, resolve to make the best of it:

  • Don’t overschedule: Attempting to cramp too many activities into your vacation itinerary, is a recipe for a stressful vacation. Remember that your vacation was meant to be a break from the stress of everyday life. You do not want to eventually need a vacation from your vacation.
  • Disconnect: Disconnecting from your gadgets can help you to relax during your vacation. Of course, it might be easier said than done- especially if you are trying to stay connected with work activities, or you are just trying to keep up with what is happening on the internet. However, you may still try to find a balance, and try to bond with people around you by taking a break from the demands of having to answer messages around the clock.
  • Remember to Actually Rest: It might be tempting to go right into shopping, sight-seeing and the other activities that you had planned to do during your vacation, without actually resting. It will help to have a few buffer days to help you literally unwind.

After the Vacation

Adjusting back to your routine can take some getting-used-to after days of blissfully winding down. You may need a day or two, to get yourself mentally prepared for the days ahead so that you do not feel rushed back to work.

Whatever your preferences, ensure that you make the most of your vacation.

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